Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen: Translations for Professionals

The globalisation of the world economy is setting new and ever more exacting requirements for modern companies. And one such overriding requirement is the quality of international, and so by definition multilingual, communication. 

Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen is a Belgian translation agency, specialising in providing support for high-quality multilingual projects.

The term “qualitative,” purely ornamental when used in the context of a conventional translation agency and not in the least reflected in reality, constitutes the cornerstone of the “modus cogitandi et operandi” of translation agency Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen.

The secret of quality

One of the pillars of the consistent quality of our work is the fact that translation agency Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen not only works exclusively with native speakers, which is pretty much standard practice in the serious translation sector, but exclusively with experienced, highly educated senior translators — something not quite self-evident in the contemporary translation industry.

Working with a senior translator means less profit for the average agency, and that is why the choice often falls on less experienced, cheaper translators, so that the profit margin often exceeds the 100% mark.  When a translation is done abroad, especially in low-wage countries (for certain language combinations), the client often pays such an agency innumerable times the amount that the translation actually costs.

Moreover, such practices do not merely conceal a certain ethical lapse.  Underpaid translators are forced to accept far too much work to survive, and simply do not have the time to concentrate sufficiently on each project, let alone to hone their skills or to acquire modern software and hardware.  This situation inevitably takes a heavy toll on the quality of their work.

There is another side to this coin, however.  Competent, and consequently well known translators, prefer not to work for such agencies, but for companies that have decided they are only interested in highly skilled and conscientious professionals.

More than a quest for perfection

Translation agency Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen has a decidedly different way of thinking and working.

Our cooperation with senior translators may reduce our profit margins, but it unquestionably secures the quality of our translations. And that is precisely what makes all the difference.

The quality of the translations and the indissociable commercial success of our customers is an absolute priority for us. In modern marketing communication, this is called a ‘passion for quality’, — which for us is anything but a platitude.

The quest for perfection is far from our sole mainspring.

We are convinced that we must not lose sight of the ethical dimension either.  We refuse to go along with the prevailing trend of overcharging clients while underpaying translators.


As a translation agency, we have a responsibility to our clients that must not be underestimated.  For a company, a quality translation means a catchy advertising campaign, a convincing presentation, a valuable contract, a successfully completed project, a stronger position on an increasingly more competitive international market resulting in more orders, a higher turnover, more revenues, growth, expansion and success.

Human dimension

The success of an enterprise has another, very human, dimension: greater job security, maintaining existing positions and creating new positions; in short, aspects which are of the greatest importance for each company staff member whether they are beginners or executives.  In other words, Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen cannot afford to betray the trust of its clients.


Furthermore, it is extremely shortsighted in our view to lose exacting and absorbing projects by not calling on the services of  highly competent — and therefore more expensive — professionals.  Our strategy is based on respect for all participants in the work process and is geared to the long term.

What does this actually mean for you? 

In practice, this means that all your translations are undertaken by highly educated, experienced translators working in their native language, while the price remains comparable to that of most translation agencies. In plain, blunt terms, with us you get more quality for the same money.

That such an approach really works can be gauged from our cooperation with companies which are not only interested in a good price, but above all can ill-afford any faulty communication:Agentschap Ruimtelijke Ordening Vlaanderen, Agfa Gevaert, Ahlers, Alcatel, Antwerp Port Authority, Artesis University College of Antwerp, Atlas Copco, Barco, Bekaert, Belgian Red Cross, Belgian Training Institute of the Federal Administration, Cadbury Benelux (Stimorol), Callebaut, Centrum voor Kwaliteitszorg, Chocolaterie Guylian, Chiquita, Citroën, Cisco Systems, Daikin, Departement Cultuur Provincie Antwerpen, De Standaard Uitgeverij publishing house, Diesel Belgium NV, Distillerie Smeets Hasselt, Dow Corning, 3Com, DuPont, Ernst & Young, European Commission, European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Fortis Bank, Frost & Sullivan, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Ghent University, Harvard Engineering PLC, Het Nieuwsblad, InBev, Karel de Grote University College, Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven), Keyware, Koninklijk Athenenum Antwerpen, Koninklijk Atheneum Deurne, Leuvens Instituut voor Centraal- en Oosteuropese Studies, M.A.D., MAN Diesel Benelux, Manteau, Marsh & McLennan, Mazda Europe, MediaMarkt-Saturn, Ministry of the Flemish Community, Nestlé, Nintendo, Order of Flemish Bars, Pillsbury, Pioneer, Pittsburgh Corning, Plextor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Roularta Media Group, Rowenta, Saatchi & Saatchi, Senoble France, Sheraton, Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design (UCAD), Slavneft, SMAK, Syzbank, Tacis, Tefal, TGV, Thomson Telecom Belgium, Toyota Motor Europe, Tractebel, Tunnel Liefkenshoek NV, UFSIA, Unilever, University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven), US Robotics, Vandeputte Group, Videohouse, Vlaams Parlement, VLAM, VRT, VTM, VT4, Wenneker Distilleries, Woestijnvis, Wolters Kluwer NV, Z&V Group and many others.