TECHNICOLOR:We have put our trust and confidence in Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen for quite a while now. Our translations are handled by professionals and always on schedule. Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen is a valued business partner for us now and will continue to be so in the future.
DIESEL:Diesel chose to have its translations done by Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen because of its professional approach, the quality of its work and its quick service. An absolute pleasure.
SAATCHI & SAATCHI:We have recently started working with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. They work with speed and accuracy. Their native speakers do an excellent job!
ANTWERP PORT AUTHORITY:We have had positive experiences with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen: we appreciate the professionalism that goes into the translations as well as the agency’s flexibility for tight deadlines. Even in the latter case, the work delivered is of exceptional quality.
FROST & SULLIVAN:We have worked with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen on several projects and we are very happy with the quality of the translations and their flexibility. Our target audience ranges from consumers to senior level managers as well as tech staff and Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen provides us with solid quality translations that are meaningful for the intended audience at the same time.
TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE:Within the context of an important Ceremony which takes place in the Czech Republic in October, we were looking for a professional translator to translate the documents for our press releases. This was our first encounter with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen and I have to say we were very happy with the collaboration. All the translation work was done within the agreed time. There was also good mail follow-up. In short, this is a very professional agency!
MAN DIESEL BENELUX:We like to work with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen because of its quick service. For us the ability to act quickly is of paramount importance in our sector, which is exactly why we appreciate the services of Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. Through its short lines of contact we have a personal relationship with the agency, which is even better for communication.
BP CAPITAL:A short time ago we approached Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. Despite the limited amount of time the agency had at its disposal, all the translations were done perfectly and delivered within the set time limit. Thank you for your outstanding work!
BANQUE SYZ & CO:We would like to emphasise the professional approach, dedication and the efficiency of Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen in all the work it does for us. We selected Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen to do all our translations into Dutch and indeed it perfectly meets all our expectations both linguistically and with regard to speed of service; these are our Bank’s two most important criteria.
FABRICOM GTI:We recently had to call on the services of Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. Everything went smoothly and correctly. We have to say that this agency was very accurate and very rapid. Thank you for the service!
AHLERS BELGIUM:Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen provides us with first rate service: optimal quality at all times within the agreed deadline. Our questions are answered immediately and we can sense and appreciate personal involvement in our orders. A translation agency you can count on. Highly recommended.
PITTSBURGH CORNING EUROPE:Our works council’s monthly reports are translated rapidly into proper English. The company’s terminology for the production process is rendered correctly thanks to close cooperation. In a word: A professional translation partner you can work with and count on.
RENTOKIL:Rentokil has already had several translations carried out by Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. And we are very satisfied: quotations are sent rapidly, the translations are of outstanding quality, and the deadlines are always met. Very highly recommended!
CITY OF GENK – UIT IN GENK:The professional approach of and rapid service by Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen are indisputable strong points for UiT in Genk. We can always count on smooth cooperation. To put it briefly, a reliable partner.
NV TUNNEL LIEFKENSHOEK:NV Tunnel Liefkenshoek also relies on the services of Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. The rapid feedback and accurate translations of rather technical texts underlie smooth and mutually satisfying cooperation.
CH ROBINSON:When we need to have a text or a presentation translated, it is always very urgent. At Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen we can always count on an accurate translation of superior quality within the stipulated deadline.
S.M.A.K.:S.M.A.K. is very satisfied with the quality and speed of the professional service provided by Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen. We appreciate greatly the combination of experienced service, reliability and flexibility.
VTM - TELEFACTS:Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen has for number of years been our partner for translating and subtitling reports. They provide correct and, what is even more important for us, rapid translations when the deadline is tight.
SINT-LUKAS BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN:Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design (UCAD) has been using the services of Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen since 2006. Our collaboration was soon characterised by reliable service, a speedy follow-up, high quality translation work and smooth communication. Which is why the UCAD Sint-Lukas Brussels intends to continue its collaboration with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen.
BIG MEDIA GROUP:We recently switched to Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen from another translation agency, and we have been very pleased with the results. Rapid and friendly communication, good quality translations, strict compliance with deadlines, fast service in urgent matters, and much more make them an ideal partner.
WELL COMMUNICATIONS:Well Communications had “worn out” a number of translation agency before we got to know Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen! This agency was able to do what others had not been able to manage: provide fast, correct translations by real native speakers. Our opinion is shared by our clients — and we can vouch that they are all satisfied.
ACE EUROPE:ACE Europe, a consultancy firm for international cooperation, has been working with Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen for three years already. This agency is capable of providing competent translations of extensive reports in all our vehicular languages (English, French and Spanish) in a professional manner and always on time. The agency’s reliance on native speakers is reflected in the quality of the translations.
NAMPAK EUROPE:Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen is our regular partner. Informal contacts and correct and rapid translations produce an ideal working relationship. And such cooperation is vital for our leading role in the packaging and pre-press sector.
VANDEPUTTE GROUP:The Vandeputte Group has for a number of years entrusted a good part of its translations to Vertaalbureau RM Vermeulen, whose high degree of professionalism and flexibility stand guarantee for a fine working relatioship.